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We at CoachMaster support and advise you in all important areas of your company, starting with an analysis of the current situation, followed by the planning and implementation of targeted measures, through to fundamental change processes (change management).

We see consulting as a form of intervention and advice that focuses on the whole (company, division, department, etc.) as well as on the individual (managers, team leaders, staff, etc.).

Our specific order

Our specific consulting offers include those fields that are and/or will be of fundamental importance for small, medium and large companies:

  • Change processes in company management
    For example clarifying, planning and implementing the issue of succession in company management …
  • Agile Management
    How to make your company and employees fit for the future
  • Organisational consulting and change management
    For example, how do I adapt my company and its employees to new market conditions?
  • Extensive company analyses
    On the sustainability of business management indicators, for example with the aim of analysing and readjusting your productivity, image or market relevance
Consulting Costs

The costs are calculated according to the scope and effort involved and the personnel we employ. We will be happy to provide you with a corresponding cost offer after a personal consultation.

We at CoachMaster are firmly convinced that people who manage other people are themselves always faced with difficult internal and/or external challenges and processes.

Our management coaching aims to provide managers with the necessary personal, reliable and ethical professional support. Both in terms of time flexibility and the use of a variety of forms of communication and exchange up to very personal, specific topics that come with everyday business life.

Our specific offer

Managers often succumb to the desire to try to go from success to success. Regardless of the reasons and motives. This is by all means quite human for all of us; we want to climb to the top, to see and enjoy success from there. However, in doing so we are forgetting a fundamental fact: the valleys through which we ascend to the summits are the very foundations of our success.

And this truth applies (perhaps) even more to managers.

It’s true that our lives, our professional lives and experiences are marked by the highs and perhaps even more often by the lows. And we all believe that once we have reached the summit, everything will be well, then we can finally be happy. But that’s only half the story. Up at the summit we see clearly for a moment, we look out over the landscape, our actions, but up here we’re standing on scree, on stony ground.

Offers and possible topics:
  • Topic: Fundamental management
    What distinguishes a good manager? What skills do I need to be one? Closely related to this is management style – how do I want to manage employees successfully and in the long term?
  • Topic: Converting setbacks
    How do I manage to create something new from (seeming) setbacks, to face challenges with new ideas? We answer the question about how we can turn setbacks into new chances and opportunities.
  • Topic: Personality development
    Why do I keep coming up against the same limits? Why do I repeatedly come up against the same obstacles in certain subject areas of employee leadership/team leadership? Am I doing something wrong? Here we tackle our own personality development. What has influenced me in what way and with lasting effect regarding the way I think and act? And what possibilities do I have to change these “patterns” and “automated reactions”?
  • Topic: Confident leadership
    Leadership of people, employees is NOT just a skill. We believe that management and leadership can be learned from people. Confident leadership manifests itself above all in crisis situations.
  • Topic: Agile and visionary leadership
    If there is one crucial competitive and innovation disadvantage right now in the political arena and in corporate management, it is the lack of vision. Without vision, everything remains the same; with vision everything changes.
  • Topic: Conflict management
    Analysing, then understanding and ultimately changing conflicts
  • Topic: By the way Coaching
    Interval-based, supportive coaching for managers on the “real issues” of (working) life
  • Do you have another topic in mind?
    No problem, just give us a call!
Costs for management coaching:

200,00 € / hour (plus VAT)
1.600,00 € / day (plus VAT)

If we look at social development of recent years from a sociological and socio-psychological point of view, we could get the impression that being a man, even the man himself, has become socially obsolete and he finds himself in a kind of “fading reduction of his self”.

A man feels like a man when he can achieve something. When he has a task ahead of him that he can accomplish. A “real man” wants to live off the work of his own hands. And he is made, called on, to be productive.

We want to provide you with a healthy identification as a man and help you accept your role as a man again.

Our specific offer

You might ask why we need special coaching for men. Well, we believe that in our equal world there is deep insecurity in some places about gender roles.

When is a man a man, Herbert Grönemeyer sang in his song “Männer”.

Our view is that, in addition to equal rights, we should also make the (essential) differences between men and women more recognisable and tangible again. Our aim is for you to regain and identify your position as a man. Far from the unhealthy stereotypes of the “nice guy” or the “macho”.

We want to strengthen and develop your positive masculine values and your masculine identity with you, to help you become a man who can accept himself as a man, who conveys sense and passion, responsibility and clarity, security and strength and who is not subject to his insecurity.

Offers and possible topics:
  • Developing and building the male identity – how do I do that?
  • Experiencing and living freedom, strength and self-confidence
  • Developing new goals and visions
  • NO to Mr Nice Guy and NO to the Macho type – my own self-discovery
  • Finding ways to your own and healthy “being a man”
  • Why male friendships are so important
  • My “being a man” in romantic relationships – why do I fail here so often, why can’t I find happiness?
Costs for coaching for men

180,00 € / hour (plus VAT)

Coaching for women – yes, women, too, are often unaware of their role or roles or suffer from them. They are also frequently concerned with the question, what actually is “femininity”, and consequently, what distinguishes my “femininity”?

Here, too, other questions arise after the question of personal identification, which often go hand-in-hand with the fact that women should (still) meet many social expectations (role attributions). A modern woman should be the best possible mother, should be an understanding partner, an empathetic and powerful leader, and so on …

But is this even possible? And at what price?

Our specific offer

As with men, societal change has also affected “being a woman” in general compared to the two previous generations. Much is certainly positive, although not all “inequalities” have yet been eliminated.

In their understanding of their roles, many women are also often subject to the desire for success and independence, frequently coupled with the aspect of having to be stronger than everyone else in their immediate or distant vicinity. Today’s “modern woman” does not show any weakness, instead she shows that she can handle anything, can overcome any hurdle and is prepared to meet all expectations; often at the expense of her own goals and needs.

With our coaching, first of all we want to help women understand why they behave “the way they behave” and why they are now questioning this behaviour. Secondly, we want to support them in recognising what makes them feel alive. What goals they really have in life and what their “heart’s burning desire” actually is. As a woman, as a leader, as a partner, as a mother… or in whatever role or situation.

Offers and possible topics:
  • Developing and building the female identity – how do I do that?
  • Why on earth do I often find it impossible to say NO?
  • NO to the “submissive girl” and NO to the “hard-headed career woman” – my own self-discovery
  • Finding ways to a “new, healthy femininity”
  • Why do so many of my partnerships end up in a dilemma – taking stock
Costs for coaching for women

180,00 € / hour (plus VAT)

We at CoachMaster are your competent and innovative partner to help with the selection, professional further development and qualification as well as the personal development of your employees.

  • Are you looking for suitable employees?
  • Do you need support in targeted and sustainable staff development?
  • Do you notice resistance and/or conflicts of values, relationships, loyalty or attitudes among your employees?
  • Are you planning structural and/or organisational change processes?

Our specific offer

The eminent parameter for the long-term success of your company remains those staff who already work for you and those who will be hired in the future. Without motivated, committed and reliable personnel, the prospects of success can be neither planned nor achieved.

Offers and possible topics


Costs for staff developement

The costs are calculated according to the scope and effort involved and the personnel we employ. We will be happy to provide you with a corresponding cost offer after a personal consultation.

It is not just people with leadership responsibility who need a professional analysis of their actions and their professional understanding every now and then. Rather, every employee working in areas with responsibility encounters issues in the course of their professional activity which require more fundamental reflection.

It is precisely here that we want to offer you professional coaching that will allow you to find new approaches to your questions and thoughts, perhaps even to your plans and goals for your professional actions. We believe that business coaching is an elementary tool to realign your professional position, role and personal development opportunities.

Our specific offer

The services we offer and the possible themes of business coaching are as diverse as the people involved, the fields they work in and the roles they perform. Essentially there are “no limits” to the topics and questions that professionals bring to a coaching context.

Offers and possible topics:
  • Finding my real “vocation” – how you can ensure satisfaction in your job or when searching for a new one
  • My honest analysis – where do I stand, and where do I actually want to go?
  • Why do I often react the way I don’t really want to react in certain situations? – discovering my “dark side”
  • Individual personality analysis – what makes me tick?
  • Five years from now, I want to… a custom career plan
Costs for business coaching

200,00 € / hour (plus VAT)
1.600,00 € / day (plus VAT)

We at CoachMaster offer a range of training programmes for your upper and mid-level managers.

Our training units and programmes are based on current evidence-based research in the fields of continuing education, human resources and personality psychology.

We create these training units according to your needs and requirements.

Our specfic offer

Our training measures aim to acquire, establish and successfully implement more fundamental knowledge in the personal area of activity through a targeted programme.

Professional support and advice in the context of one-on-one coaching always meets its limits in terms of fundamental knowledge acquisition for the coachee.

It is therefore essential if individual managers or entire team units can learn new core skills to widen their knowledge and options for action (e.g. new methods) in an in-depth and focused (joint) way.

Our trainers are experts at teaching you with respect and appreciation not only the acquisition of skills, but also the necessary practical transformation and enthusiasm for their application. Either as individual or group/team training.

Offers and possible topics:
  • SSelf-efficacy training – increasing self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Management style training – leading people “the right way”
  • Conflict manager – resolving conflicts, not avoiding them
  • Project management and project planning – how do you do it?
  • Personality training – why am I the way I am?
  • Self and external perception training – how I can understand myself and my counterpart better
Costs for training

1.600,00 € / day (plus VAT)
Flat-rate according to time spent 80,00 € / hour (plus VAT)

We at CoachMaster offer a variety of workshops for your company.

In addition to the traditional workshop topics such as leadership, team development, conflict assistance, value communication, time management and work-life balance, we offer highly topical workshops on issues such as agile companies, agile management, change management, staff development 3.0, and much more.

Our specific offer

In contrast to our training courses, our workshops are aimed at somewhat smaller groups of participants (up to a maximum of 10 participants) and are based on a limited, compact time frame on specific topics.

In principle, these sessions focus on one topic (or a few sub-aspects) and are intended, in addition to a professional input component, to increasingly integrate participants’ experiences as a dynamic component.

Offers an possible topics:

  • Problem solving workshops
    Solving specific problems effectively
  • Conflict solving workshops
    Resolving individual and/or team conflicts
  • Concepts workshop
    Including fundamentals, basic conditions, structural and/or organisational parameters etc. in a meaningful and sustainable way
  • Decision-making workshop
    Learning to make goal-oriented and effective decisions on various topics and tasks
Costs for workshops

1.600,00 € / day (plus VAT)
Flat-rate according to time spent €80.00 / hour (plus VAT)

We at CoachMaster see ourselves as conflict mediators for individuals and team settings. Nothing inhibits staff and/or managers more in terms of lost energy, constructive development and meeting on an equal footing than unresolved conflicts.

It does not matter whether the conflict(s) are carried out openly or covertly… in the end everyone loses.

We take every conflict seriously, but we are not afraid to confront it in your context and offer you solutions and assistance towards resolution – openly, clearly, sometimes directly and yet always respectfully.

Our specific offer

We often associate conflicts with situations involving other people and/or groups of people, which we declare to be unpleasant, stressful, even detrimental to health, and therefore try to avoid them as much as possible, or even prevent them from arising in the first place by “excluding” or suppressing what is stressful and hurtful.

And with time we feel, we notice that the tensions in ourselves, in the team rise considerably and lead to consequences (someone suffers increasingly from sleeping problems) and outcomes (two people no longer talk to each other) which usually end up in a more or less negative spiral.

That is why unresolved conflicts end up being energy sappers, motivation killers and destroyers of trust, which in the end only turns everyone who is more or less involved into losers. This must be changed.

Offers and possible topics:
  • Recognising your own conflict style and changing it if necessary
  • Using conflicts as chances and opportunities
  • How conflicts arise, how they can be analysed and ultimately resolved
  • Conflict team coaching
  • Conflicts with managers / superiors – what do I do?
Costs for conflict coaching

180,00 € / hour (plus VAT)
1.450,00 € / day (plus VAT)

The problem for young people who struggle to follow their educational, professional or academic path clearly, unambiguously and purposefully lies, in our opinion, in two factors.

On the one hand, the possibilities of various training courses and study subjects have increased exorbitantly in recent decades, such that the variety of options has a rather paralysing effect and creates doubts for the interested person, rather than being clarifying for them.

On the other hand, young adults have often not yet arrived at “a stable self” and/or the realisation of “who they are” in their personality development.
In this respect, both social phenomena lead to more insecurity, to obstacles and, in addition to feeling overwhelmed, increasingly cause anxiety (fear of the future); all this includes parents and guardians.

Socially, and as is common with many other coaching providers, PLAN A is therefore the goal:

Traditional PLAN A:

After school and graduation, it is time to plan your professional future, which often includes career planning. In a nutshell that means: “…do some coaching, get some acceptable, reasonable results. Decide on a result from the coaching. Complete this training, this study (and then climb the career ladder through targeted training and further education) and live your life”.

Plan A is based on the basic assumption of cause and effect: follow this plan and you will get this life.

It’s just that the professional world of the 21st century no longer functions this way.

Our PLAN B shows another way:

You choose the training, the studies that you are most enthusiastic about and by doing so you are able to bring out the best in yourself. Through this you will develop your personality and become the man or woman you are made to be.

Plan B is based first and foremost on focusing on our personality and not purely factually optimising our worth as an employee and potential work output.

We humans, especially young, aspiring humans, seek the meaning of our existence.

Because whoever knows who they are and what they are has understood more about themselves and their (possible) life than someone else who is “lining up on the highway” for a quick career start.

Our plan B, on the other hand, is based on the basic assumption of exploration and transformation – and this plan B requires courage, endurance and enthusiasm.

The way is not the goal; the way is the way and the goal is the goal.

(according to John Eldredge)

Two-day study and/or career guidance for pupils and students

Contents include:

  • Discovering resources: Interview (approx. 2 hours)
  • Personality analysis/interests test (approx. 2 hours)
  • Further test phase (approx. 2 hours)
  • Coaching with concrete questions:
    > “What really drives you?”
    > “What makes you feel alive?”
  • 2x lunch in a restaurant
  • Evaluation meeting (approx. 2.5 hours as an individual appointment)
  • Written report:
    Results, analyses, assessments, facts, next steps …

Costs fpr career coaching

2.000€ / 2 days (plus VAT)

Consulting, Coaching, Mentoring

Consulting Hour (60 Minuten) In-House: 180,- EUR*

Consulting Hour (60 Minuten) On-Site: 200,- EUR*


1-Day Workshop, In-House: 1.600,- EUR*

2-Day Workshop, In-House: 3.000,- EUR*

2-Day Study- and / or Career Advice, In-House: 2.000,- EUR*

**All indicated prices are excluding current VAT.


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