together. successfully. develop.

Your consulting partner for organisational and staff development in the heart of Hanover.

together. successfully. develop.

Your consulting partner for organisational and staff development in the heart of Hanover.

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Our conviction

We believe that coaching and consulting require a procedural understanding and a process-oriented approach (according to N. Luhmann’s systems theory approach) in order to be effective.

To put it another way, as different as people are, and as different as they experience and perceive themselves in professional and/or private contexts, so a consulting service must look and be as differentiated and customised.

We at CoachMaster specialise in adapting the process to your needs or requirements based on your goals and vision for coaching, as well as our subsequent analysis, in terms of duration (time, length) and intensity (depth). We strongly believe – because we are convinced that professional practice is first and foremost “vocational” – in letting our customers experience our passion for coaching and consulting processes, as well as our genuineness and openness. That means passion for your issue, your concern(s), and for you as a person. .

We are only happy when you are!

Carsten Thiele M. A. | MBA | Psychotherapist | Lecturer in business administration at Hanover Univerity of applied sciences

What you can expect from me:

“My job is to work with you to generate new opportunities and turn your challenges into new goals and paths. You can count on my years of experience, my openness and clarity, as well as on my humour and my profound expertise. You will receive high-quality advice from me paired with unconditionally meeting on an equal footing.”


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Our Methodologies

provide a wide range of solutions for your issues.


Agility is the new dimension for managers; we show you how to apply agile management.


Our interventions are built on the scientific statements on systems theory by N. Luhmann.


Self-efficacy is the key to success; we rely on the approaches of Meichenbaum and Bandura.


We focus on more than from ACTUAL to TARGET; change requires many elements.


Understanding, accepting and developing your own “personality profile” – our methods support you in this.


Companies and customers who alread place their trust in us:

“What’s devastating is not our problems, but our aimlessness.”


Where to find us

CoachMaster Spichernstraße 11a 30161 Hanover Germany

Spichernstraße 11a 30161 Hanover Germany

T   +49 511 54 61 72 76
F   +49 511 54 54 18 13

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