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Your coching partner for teamwork, companies und executives in the heart of Hanover.

together. successfully. develop.

Your consulting partner for organisational and staff development in the heart of Hanover.

Your vision is our mission

„The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it“. Michelangelo

If you want to change the world and if you want to shape people sustainably, you need courage and the conviction for visions to generate the spirit, that big changes often start small and can cause big things.

Antoine de Saint-Euxpery puts it best: “If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.”

This is exactly what CoachMaster would do for you:

Together we create and generate your individual set of values, your visions and your future for your company.

We provide your teams and units with a basis for appreciative and effective cooperation in the workflow and resolve conflicts, toxic patterns and areas of disruption.

We want to give your executives the perfect performance they need for their diverse tasks and we want to stabilize you as a real personality for your presently or future challenges.




companies with visions and plans

The management consultancy for a new vision

Today everyone talks about success and visions, but achieving success and living visions is a significant difference. Many companies design and develop internal programs on a wide variety of topics trusting that achieving innovation and generating visions with all involved. Others get expensive management consultants on board who want to use their portfolio of services and convictions to “trim companies for the future”. Our path with you is a different one…

Your benefit:

  • Together with you we develop, based on your history, your circumstances and your genetics 🧬 YOUR VISION
  • CoachMaster offer you three forms of management consultancies in terms of intensity, time interval and goal setting.
  • At CoachMaster, we evaluate the results transparently and in a targeted manner.
your (new) corporate culture

The management consultancy for a new corporate culture

Work (Home) is not a place, it’s a feeling – this is how a slightly modified quote could express a new truth: Our workplace has changed massively and with it the people (or in correlation) who take care of it. Today are counting other values, individualized values ​​that everyone brings along, and which differentiate oneself from the other. Nevertheless, companies need a common set of values, a common framework and a common communication structure that sets standards for everyone – internally and externally.

Your benefit:

  • Together with you it is our aim to develop your framework of values, your commitments, which set you apart from the others and enable you to have a binding agenda internally (unique selling points)
  • At CoachMaster, we develop an appreciative, trustworthy and clear communication structure with and for you.
succession planning

The management consultancy for your succession planning

Anyone who has invested in their company for their entire life should not leave the subsequent regulation to happenstance or necessity. Without a doubt, succession planning is very defiant for many companies, for their management and for everyone else involved. And it does not matter whether the successor has already been determined or whether this suitable and suitable person has yet to be found.

Your benefit:

  • We are on hand with help and advice and coaching you before, during and after the handover of the management.
  • We will look for a suitable successor for you after intensive consultations and discussions
  • We accompany the new company management intensively after the handover in order to ensure success for everyone involved.

Mindful Selling B2B

Mindful Selling B2B

Good sales talent is important for a company’s capital for success. It is not only increase sales, but also bring clear competitive advantages. Therefore, repeated sales trainings are extremely important to constantly promote and support the talents. Mindful Selling is a form of selling in today’s world. If you understand Mindful Selling well, you will be able to inspire, engage and be authentically present to those around you.

Your benefit:

  • we improve your rhetorical skills
  • you learn to react to questions and objections of your customers in a focused way
  • with Mindful Selling you learn to lead yourself and others
  • to clarify communication & conflicts confidently
  • present products convincingly

mental health organizational development

Mental Health Organisationsentwicklung

It is time to reinvigorate mental health promotion in companies. Why?

Digitalization is changing the world we live in. Hardly any company can escape this change. Business models have to be redefined, industries are changing fundamentally and new technologies are taking over jobs. Promote the mental health of your employees and reduce sick leave in your company. We offer you a holistic program that adapts to individual needs.

Your benefit:

  • Health management and organization
  • Intensive courses in groups with sustainable effectiveness
  • Accompanying change processes and recognizing and reducing mental stress
  • Ensuring employer attractiveness – diversity as an opportunity
  • Coaching managers and departments and strengthening cohesion
  • Dealing with employees and colleagues in the event of death and mourning



leadership development

Managers and their own development

Many managers face challenges in their daily work and they are entrusted with the safe and clear leadership their employees. But what to do when your own requirements become excessive, and what to do when, as a manager, I realize that I lack important skills or behavioral patterns that I need? We believe that leading people can only be successful if they know themself and their own personality, and thus also “their own blind spots” …

Your benefit:

  • CoachMaster analyzes and clarifies your leadership behavior and which personality development is based on it. Because both correlate with each other.
  • With our diverse personality development test, you receive a very precise analysis of your strengths and weaknesses and thus the opportunity for personal development.

Managers and staff management

Leading (different) people is probably one of the greatest challenges a manager has to face. Leading people to achieve common goals and maybe even new visions and at the same time, in addition to the respective individuality of the others, to perceive themselves with their chances and limits, is like squaring a circle. Taking people on your common path, to a common goal, is one of the most beautiful challenges facing employees.

Your benefit:

  • At CoachMaster, together we analyze your leadership behavior and your code of values ​​together. Only by understanding your own leadership behavior, you can understand why you´re sometimes successful in leading people and sometimes not.
  • By our common analysis of your leadership behavior, we develop a growth plan for your new leadership performance.
  • Now you will recognize daily pivotal moments much earlier in which you should either act or show calm from your own safe role.
managers in new responsibilities

Managers in new responsibilties

It doesn´t matter through what kind of professional circumstances or other personal development you´re getting a leader in a management, at the beginning you can do a lot of mistakes and run into many of much-cited “mines” which are waiting for you. All the more it is important to have good mental preparation, professionally supported reflection and target-defined and supportive companion in the form of coaching before taking on a leadership responsibility.

Your benefit:

  • Together with you and your manager, we work out a concrete expectation scenario for all the involved. It is important to us to work together with you to create a workable induction concept with accompanying coaching.
  • You will receive effective, prompt, flexible and sustainable support from your personal coach at any time.
mindful leadership training

Mindful Leadership Training

Mindful Leadership Training is a mindfulness-based awareness training developed on the basis of MBSR research (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) by Prof. Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn for stress management. The focus is on developing the ability to self-control one’s own attention. The fast pace of work and increasing pressure on managers and employees often lead to a flood of information that makes clear thinking and decision-making processes difficult.

Your learnings:

  • lead yourself & manage stress
  • to assess situations clearly
  • make conscious decisions
  • communicate & resolve conflicts
  • act & reflect on oneself


teambuilding and -development

Teambuilding and -development

The greatest resources in and for companies are situated in the teams and functional units. Since teams are made up of different employees, who come up with different characteristics, different experiences and often also with different skills, teamwork only works by development.

Your benefit:

  • We perform your team into a unit! Individualists become a “collective of experts and doers”, a team of employees who value themselves and others and can thus pursue common goals.
  • We enable your teams to develop personally and as a (overall) unit. Development as a team is only successful if each individual invests in their own development and allows their personal (further) development to flow into the team.
team crises und -conflicts

Team crises ,-conflicts and how to resolve toxic relationships

As great as opportunity and productivity can arise from a team, the damage can also be great for each individual as well as the team or even the company, if there are (unresolved, chronic …) conflicts and / or resentment towards individuals or sub-teams. Teamwork is an absurdity if toxic behavior and / or communication patterns are added.

Your benefit:

  • Team crises and team conflicts are a thing of the past. We bring to light what is blocking, hindering or hurting, and we put the individual and the team on a new level of acceptance, appreciation and trust.
  • We also recognize and resolve toxic relationship and / or communication patterns of individuals, sub-teams, etc., which often bring teamwork up to or over the load limit.
team analysis and team personality

Team analysis and team personality

Anyone who wants to be successfully in a team sport, e.g. in rowing, you have to fill your boat with people who can perform each other to the greatest possible success. The same applies to every company, no matter how big it is … The composition of the team is the central importance for success, because only with each addition or decrease of every employee it is decided whether a team flops or is in top form.

Your benefit:

  • We use our analysis to show you how successful your team can be and their limits.
  • We use extensive and diverse test procedures to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the individual as well as the team and thus plan and initiate new developments with you.


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Our Methodologies

provide a wide range of solutions for your issues.


Agility is the new dimension for managers; we show you how to apply agile management.


Our interventions are built on the scientific statements on systems theory by N. Luhmann.


Self-efficacy is the key to success; we rely on the approaches of Meichenbaum and Bandura.


We focus on more than from ACTUAL to TARGET; change requires many elements.


Understanding, accepting and developing your own “personality profile” – our methods support you in this.


Companies and customers who alread place their trust in us:

“What’s devastating is not our problems, but our aimlessness.”


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